The Sun Shines

The sun dares to live another day…


It is morning and the world is awake, the sun shines bright through the trees. The trees reach out joyously, flowers dance in the morning light. The air skips gaily, the world is awake and the sun shining.

Morning gives way to noon, the beauty of the sun now hidden from sight, covered by angry blackness and noises that violently stir the air. The trees shrink in fear, the air is careful not to move; flowers have hidden their beauty. The safety of the morning light is gone but the sun shines.

The sun dares to live through another day, it dares the mortal enemy and shines through the day. The world slows and slowly the trees begin to stir their limbs. In the still of the night, the air coughs and clears its throat.

The sun retires but shines through the moon. The sun is shining.

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