Still rising in the Savannah

1 00N 38 00E the steel snake slithered away from the brine waters in search of the hidden pearl;

Its fangs barred like a buck-toothed trident; shackling, constricting and manacling.All the while the rat incisors gnawed away!

Six and three the sun married the savannah, the city sunned itself beneath the acacias… Whistling Hakuna Matata!

The lions and the giraffes are on safari touring the glass and steel views.


Tall and dark! Oozing machismo! Noses flaring, blanketing everything in smog! 24 spindly fingers clenching and squeezing, all the while spitting false platitudes.

Twenty and two warm custard deserts rising; sweet aromas filing the air.

Golden brown crusts, hot, steaming, scalding 24 spindly fingers! Letting go! Soft scooped vanilla peaks 5199 free, still rising but bittered by limes!


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