The majestic jade in Saigon

She rises majestic.



Gazing through lowered lashes, slowly she trundles.

Thorny brushes grab at her roughened-aged exterior

No match for her flat-footed pace! Remembered paces.


Slowly she trundles.

Majestic. Unbowed.


Beneath the cool vanilla peaks, slowly she trundles.

Majestic. Unbowed.

No match for her flat footed pace! She rises amongst the thorny brushes,

She rises where the sun married the Savannah, beneath the amarula trees.


Beneath the acacias, she is bowed.

By the city that suns itself, she stumbles.



Gazing through lowered lashes, atop the baked-brown-earth slowly she stumbles.

Three ululations bow her,

with the conquering lengths of their darkened barrels,

amongst the brazen dry blades of the Savannah, she stumbles.


Knees bent, her roughened exterior gives way.

Three ululations, she is bowed.

Gazing through raised-tear-stained lashes, she stumbles.

She is bowed in the crimson hue of the Savannah.


Away from the crimson hue of the Savannah,

her stark ivory trinkets adorn the majestic jade in Saigon!


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